OES11 SP1 serious NCP bug Posted on 13 November 2012 under NetWare (Updated 11 December 2012)

Various NCP functions which search a directory and return selected entries, will cause failure of the server ndsd process if a particular bit is set in the request to the server. This issue is specific to OES11 SP1.The bug has been reported to Novell (#781290).

This affects numerous programs in JRButils which process files and directories. For some such as chrcheck, this bit was set but the returned information not actually used, so the solution is simple. However, for others such as whodidit, fsupdate, netcopy and extcheck, the values returned as a result of this bit being set are used to determine the physical size of files. Currently, we are seeking a method by which we can programmatically distinguish OES11 from OES2, so use of this bit can be turned off on OES11 only.

14-Nov: Novell have a fix which we have tested successfully. This is expected to be released soon in a forthcoming post SP1 patch. Meanwhile we are waiting for a response from Novell on how to programmatically distinguish OES2/OES11 versions. The method used for NetWare servers returns 6.50.8 for all OES Linux versions.

20-Nov: No response has been forthcoming, but we have identified a bug fix in SP1 which can be used as a version indicator. All affected programs have now been modified to remove the issue where the information is not used. Programs such as whodidit now use a different method of determining the physical size of files.

10-Dec: The latest patch set for OES11 SP1 now incorporates this fix.