Novell Client 2.0 SP2 IR3 fixes API issues Posted on 17 June 2012 under NetWare (Updated 17 June 2012)

When the Novell 2.0 client was first released, three APIs used in copying files did not work due to the more modular design of this client causing difficulties converting between Windows and NetWare file handles. This has finally been fixed in IR3, largely due to the efforts of Hans van den Heuvel in convincing the Novell client team of the importance of these APIs. The APIs are:

NWFileServerFileCopy: Performs an internal copy when the source and target locations are on the same server. Not an essential API but it allows much more efficient copying when appropriate.

NWGetSparseFileBitMap: This API is essential for correctly copying sparse files while retaining their sparseness.

NWSetCompressedFileSize: This API is essential for copying compressed files and retaining compression.

Programs such as netcopy had been modified to detect the use of Vista or Windows 7 and to not attempt to use these functions. The programs have now been further modified to detect that SP2 IR3 or later is running and to reinstate the use of these functions. Updates are available from the usual updates URL. Contact if you are entitled to updates but do not have the URL.