GW 2012 client bug causes application errors Posted on 06 May 2012 )

The GroupWise 2012 client contains a bug preventing addition of existing eDir users into GW via the Admin Object API. Function AddExistingUser produces an application error in gwenv1.dll. The actual error code from the workstation's event log is 0xC0000005 (invalid memory access) at address 0x0062bb6b. The user is created in GW, but none of the GW attributes are added to the eDir object. Another failure which is almost certainly the same bug, occurs when creating a distribution list via pIADDistributionList->Add(). Again an application error occurs in gwenv1.dll at 0x0062bb6b, code 0xC0000005.

An updated version of the 2012 client has been tested and appears to fix these issues. The update is available to members of the TTP list but as of today (6-May-12) has yet to be released for public use.