JRButils V18 installer issue Posted on 11 December 2011 )

When the V18 installer (setup.exe) detects that an earlier version of JRButils is installed, it attempts to upgrade the installation. However, that fails with a "Feature Transfer Error" if the previous installation did not support upgrading. The issue has arisen due to v18 being built with InstallShield 2012, V17 and earlier with InstallShield 11. To recover from the error, it is necessary to run the V17 installer, perform a repair, then uninstall V17 via either the V17 installer or the control panel. Once V17 has been removed, V18 installs correctly.

We are seeking an explanation and solution from Flexera, the providers of InstallShield.

The JRButils for AD V5 installer had also been built using InstallShield 2012. V5 is scheduled for release on Tuesday December 13. To avoid delaying the release, the installer will be rebuilt using InstallShield 11 which does exhibit this issue.