Novell Client 2.0 SP1 susceptible to unclosed connection handles Posted on 07 August 2011 under NetWare (Updated 11 December 2011)

When programs are run repeatedly e.g. in a provisioning script, under the W2008/Vista/W7 client, and one or more programs fails to close all connection handles, the process may begin to run more slowly and the programs eventually fail reporting "No connection to a file server". This issue is specific to the Novell 2.0 SP1 client, and arises through an architectural change. The problem does not occur under the 4.91 client on XP nor under the Novell client for Linux.

All programs have been checked for unclosed connection handles and tested by running 2000 times in succession on Windows 7. However, this testing has revealed that Novell's libraries are also responsible for some leaks. These affect programs which deal with NDPS/iPrint printers, and those which map drives as in jrbmap and home2. Programs have also been updated to report "Insufficient resources" instead of "No connection to a file server" when this issue is encountered.

A fix was expected to be included in SP2, but we have yet to confirm that the issue is resolved.