JRButils - the future Posted on 19 December 2017 )

This week we have released JRButils for Micro Focus V24, and JRButils for AD v11.

Please note that these will be the final major releases of JRButils. The products will continue to be supported, bugs fixed and minor enhancements undertaken upon request or as required to keep abreast of changes in OES Linux, NSS and eDirectory. Maintenance releases will be made in late 2018.

The changes are being made for two reasons. Firstly, after twenty-six years of continuous development (there were versions 2.1 and 2.2 of the original JRButils for NetWare) the author is seeking a little more free time. Secondly, Micro Focus is placing less importance on providing third party developer access to recent products especially via NCP which provides platform independent access. On the Microsoft side, JRButils for AD now supports most common requirements for managing AD and the Windows file system, and with Microsoft not making any major changes in these areas, adding useful new enhancements is becoming more problematic.

So, JRButils will continue to be available for purchase, will continue to be supported and maintained for the foreseeable future, and will be updated as required, and in response to feedback. But there are unlikely to be any major new developments. We are continuing with registration renewals, but at a reduced price to reflect that we expect there to be less new material in the 2018 releases.

John (looking forward to a more relaxed 2018)